Top 30: Hottest Japanese Pornstars & Best JAV Idols (2022)

Japanese pornstars are really fucking gorgeous and if you don’t agree with me then you definitely need to watch more Japanese porn. From what I have seen so far, and trust I when I say I’ve seen a lot of porn videos, I can say that the girls in the east have a really cute face, a perfect body and the most gorgeous pair of breasts in the world. Almost all the girl has amazingly soft boobs, mostly natural, which is something that you don’t really see when watching western porn.The JAV industry is filled with pornstars of all age, meaning that there are teen girls, mature babes as well as sexy MILFs, and all of them are always eager to fulfill all your sexual fantasies. However, most of the porn produced there is censored, so you’ll see pixelated pussies most of the time; but you can find uncensored porn very easily if you look for it. If you haven’t watched Japanese porn yet, then we are going to list down some of the sexiest Japanese pornstars right now to help you get started. These JAV idols are some of the hottest and most popular, not just in Japan, but in the western part of the world as well and people love seeing them suck and fuck. After watching the porn featuring these Japanese babes, your opinion about the sexiest girls is definitely going to change.

Nono Sakurai

Nono Sakurai is a bar girl. She had some cute panties on and we suggested she stick her hand in her panties and play with her pussy for us. Please see the full video to see what Nono Sakurai did next in our private time together.

Miyu Shiratori

Miyu Shiratori is our hot little yoga instructor who has come with us today to teach us a bit of stretching moves and some of her other sexy moves. Go watch the full video after you watch this teaser to see how well our porn shoot went today!

Asuka Koizumi

Asuka Koizumi is really a turn on when she is talking about her past fucking experience and she got us hot and we think she was a bit hot as well so we asked her to please sit back and lift her legs so we could see her panties…

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